Our core Outbound Call Centre services include Telemarketing Sales, Lead Generation, Market Research, Appointment Setting, Surveys, Database Maintenance and Upgrading plus Product Launches and more…

Our skilled agents use proven calling strategies to promote your business over the phone. Whether it be a product or a service, our team effectively engages with your market professionally and efficiently.


Our highly trained telephone sales team will contact your prospects and make the sale for you. The unparalleled experience of our team means they can reactivate lost customers, renew subscriptions, up-sell and cross-sell products and services. This services also includes full processing of credit card transactions, cheque receipts, completion of direct debits, and reconciliation of orders for distribution.

Appointment Setting

Don’t fret about having to make appointments for yourself any longer. Our agents will book appointments for you. Letting you spend your week seeing clients rather than making appointments yourself.

Market Research and Surveys

Want to know how people feel about an event or topic? Looking at launching something new on the market? Let our skilled staff conduct a market research campaign and test the market before you make a costly investment. Our team will work closely with you to tailor the research or survey in a way that will effectively gauge informative feedback.

Lead Generation

If you’re looking for quality leads and more sales opportunities, we will work with you to identify potential customers; followed with detailed calling, and pass qualified leads onto you. Our agents can also make the appointments – allowing you to concentrate on building your business. We work across a wide range of businesses and sectors, giving us a great understanding of the competitive landscape.

Product Launches

If you have a new product that you want to launch to your existing clients, make use of our skilled team to call your clients and inform them of your new product and how it can benefit them.

Database Management

Maintenance of your existing database is a fundamental key to maximise value within your customer base. We can clean, update, and help you construct a targeted database that will help you reach targets effectively and efficiently. Database maintenance is vital for building and retaining customer relationships.

Campaign Fund Raising

We are a specialist in this field, boasting highly skilled agents with years of experience, who have produced outstanding results over a wide range of campaigns. We have the ability to raise funds while, at the same time, successfully raising the profile of your organisation.